Saturday, April 21, 2012

Montaigne Quotes.

These are a few quotes from Michel de Montaigne's essay, "On Three Kinds of Relationships."

"It is enough that women can, without our aid, train their charming eyes to be gay, to be severe or soft, can season a 'no' with cruelty, hesitation or kindness, and that they require no interpreter for the speeches we make in wooing them. With this knowledge they have the whip-hand over us, and can master their teachers and the school."

" It is folly to fix all of one's thoughts upon relationship with a woman, and to become involved in a furious and reckless passion."

"There is no woman, however ill-favored, who does not think herself quite attractive."

"The less we love them the more profitably and advantageously they may surrender to us. The result will be the same as in the theatre; the public will take as much or more pleasure in the play than the actors."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Costa Concordia

A lot has been written in the manosphere about the accident of the Costa Concordia and the aftermath. Women seem to be complaining about the "Women and Children First" practice not being followed to their liking, while men have been commenting that after decades of feminism, it is no longer realistic to expect this. My take on this is a little different: I think the problem that women are having is that men were not rushing to sacrifice themselves for the women on board; this pokes holes in the ideology of feminism. In a push-comes-to-shove dangerous situation, a woman's "specialness" is just not apparent.

I don't think that women are complaining about a lack of gallantry, I think they are complaining about a lack of servile behavior from the men.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I am in the process of re-designing this blog. I will soon be making more frequent posts and basically starting this blog over.