Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Tennyson's poem, Idylls of the King, has a few lines that I think describes the attitude of many women. In a section titled, "Gareth and Lynette" has Gareth, about to become a knight doing duty as a kitchen knave and is sent by Arthur to assist Lynette. Lynette doesn't yet know the true background of Gareth.

"Ay, sir knave!
Ay, knave, because thou strikest as a knight,
Being but knave, I hate thee all the more."

"Fair damsel, you should worship me the more,
thus being but knave, I throw thine enemies."

To me, this is a good example of the way many women think: They don't look at actions, but instead focus on status and title. Later in the poem, Lynette does come to appreciate Gareth, only when she finds out his true title.

It has been my experience that women, (and many men also) will form an opinion very fast and stick with it, regardless of contradictory evidence. She doesn't care what a man does, she cares about WHO is doing it. I think this extends past relationships and even to interacting with co-workers and women in public. I think it is best for men to keep a low profile, keep their eyes open and not stick their necks out for anyone who has not proven themselves worthy.

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