Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We have often read of feminists claiming that women are "objectified" and judged on their appearance. Women often complain of the pressure they are under to look good. Women also complain of the treatment unattractive women get in society,while saying nothing about the treatment that unattractive men get. My problem with all of this is that women want to complain about discrimination only to have more ability to discriminate against others themselves.

What do most above-average looking women do? They pursue wealthy men. In the case of most women who complain about their appearance, what would they do if they could be granted stunning looks? I know what they would do, they would persue wealthy and attractive men. Women want more parity with their more attractive sisters so as to be able to have the same leverage in discriminating against that evil of evils: regular men. On top of this, they expect men to share in the pity-fest. To me, it just smacks of someone with plenty to eat complaining to a starving person that there is no gourmet food available.

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