Saturday, April 21, 2012

Montaigne Quotes.

These are a few quotes from Michel de Montaigne's essay, "On Three Kinds of Relationships."

"It is enough that women can, without our aid, train their charming eyes to be gay, to be severe or soft, can season a 'no' with cruelty, hesitation or kindness, and that they require no interpreter for the speeches we make in wooing them. With this knowledge they have the whip-hand over us, and can master their teachers and the school."

" It is folly to fix all of one's thoughts upon relationship with a woman, and to become involved in a furious and reckless passion."

"There is no woman, however ill-favored, who does not think herself quite attractive."

"The less we love them the more profitably and advantageously they may surrender to us. The result will be the same as in the theatre; the public will take as much or more pleasure in the play than the actors."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Costa Concordia

A lot has been written in the manosphere about the accident of the Costa Concordia and the aftermath. Women seem to be complaining about the "Women and Children First" practice not being followed to their liking, while men have been commenting that after decades of feminism, it is no longer realistic to expect this. My take on this is a little different: I think the problem that women are having is that men were not rushing to sacrifice themselves for the women on board; this pokes holes in the ideology of feminism. In a push-comes-to-shove dangerous situation, a woman's "specialness" is just not apparent.

I don't think that women are complaining about a lack of gallantry, I think they are complaining about a lack of servile behavior from the men.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I am in the process of re-designing this blog. I will soon be making more frequent posts and basically starting this blog over.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Women helping the MRM.

It seems women are turning up on various websites saying they want to help men with men's rights issues. These same women also proceed to tell men how they should fight their battles and use the typical shaming language that a feminist uses. The problem is that these women are condescending, thinking they have qualifications they don't really have to help men.

Women may be becoming more aware of men's rights issues, but it is usually when it begins to affect their own lives, through their sons, brothers or husbands. For many years, men have been treated unfairly in court while women said nothing. I am all for women helping if they are sincere, but it seems some women become activists only when the corrupt system affects their own bottom line. It seems women are only noticing these issues now that enough men have become angry; I have to ask, do women want to help or is this damage control?

I think women should offer help in men's rights action when they can, and I welcome their sincere input. However, since women don't go to jail for twenty years for rapes they never committed, I think the leadership of any men's rights work should be in the hands of men.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weininger Quotes

These are some of my favorite quotes from Sex and Character, by Otto Weininger:

"A poseur almost always interprets the actions of another person as poses."

"When deception suits her (often unconscious) wishes, a woman will become totally uncritical and lose all control over reality."

"A woman is never solitary, she knows neither the love or fear of solitude."

"Because woman does not perceive the other human being as a separate being she never suffers from her neighbor, and for that reason alone she can always feel superior to all human beings."

"A woman always lays equal claim to all the men in the world."

"One needs only to step out into the street to find that there is scarcely a woman whose face does not promptly give her away."

"Women often wait for, and if possible choose, that man who is able to confer the greatest value upon them- the most magnificent and most famous man, the first among all."

"Woman does not want the pure, chaste, moral man, but-somebody else."

"Hysterical women never reflect on themselves, they only want others to think about them and be interested in them."

"Every mother of her own children is the step-mother of all other creatures."

Sunday, February 21, 2010


"People who expect deference resent mere civility." Mason Cooley

I work under the idea that women are attracted to only the top portion of a given male population. I think that the percentage of that portion varies according to the individual woman; a super-model may only find 5% of given males acceptable, while a more average-looking woman may find 20% acceptable. The point is that women are much more selective in their mating preferences.

While it may be a woman's own business as to what she finds attractive, the problem is that she is NOT indifferent to those men she does not find accepteable. I believe many women simply expect deference from men that they don't find to be eligible mates. I think most of those "rejected" men would rather be ignored than obligated by a large portion of society to place women who detests them on pedestals. This is probably one of the many reasons men opt to go their own way. To me, this also explains why women do not often appreciate anything done for them. Women simply expect special treatment from men not on their mating radar. The problem is that most men don't want to waste resources on women who don't want them, men will often do exactly that however, if they are lead to believe that they are cared for.

To me, this explains some of the callous behavior of women in regards to cuckolding and the like. A woman is not concerned with a man's feelings even though they are married in part because she doesn't really view him as a separate person. To her, she and the "alphas" she is attracted to are human; the other men are subhuman.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Vision of the Future.

I have this vision of the future: In a not-so-distant future, the government will mandate that everyone wear a T-shirt with a number on it; any number from one through ten. The government will decide which numbers are given out and to whom; the criteria will be designated by the government and will not be made public. There will be no hearings, your assigned number will be your number. Wearing the shirts will be mandatory and it will be a crime to try to present a number other than the one assigned.

Those with high numbers such as ten and nine, will do anything required of them by the government in order to keep their high numbers and any privileges that go with them. Those with numbers eight through six will do their best to cozy up to those wearing higher numbers than themselves, while they demand deference from those with lower numbers. Those with the lowest numbers will be discouraged but will have little power to do anything about their situation.

The number system will have the consequence of curtailing creativity, as those with lower numbers that can't be raised will hold back on their contribution to society as much as they can. Many will grumble about the situation from behind closed doors but no one will stick their neck out as that would be a risk of his own number.

A very, very few will actually question the right of the government to assign ranked numbers to people and force the wearing of them.They will not be heard among those with higher numbers too busy enjoying their advantages over the lower numbers to question the system.