Sunday, December 5, 2010

Women helping the MRM.

It seems women are turning up on various websites saying they want to help men with men's rights issues. These same women also proceed to tell men how they should fight their battles and use the typical shaming language that a feminist uses. The problem is that these women are condescending, thinking they have qualifications they don't really have to help men.

Women may be becoming more aware of men's rights issues, but it is usually when it begins to affect their own lives, through their sons, brothers or husbands. For many years, men have been treated unfairly in court while women said nothing. I am all for women helping if they are sincere, but it seems some women become activists only when the corrupt system affects their own bottom line. It seems women are only noticing these issues now that enough men have become angry; I have to ask, do women want to help or is this damage control?

I think women should offer help in men's rights action when they can, and I welcome their sincere input. However, since women don't go to jail for twenty years for rapes they never committed, I think the leadership of any men's rights work should be in the hands of men.


ScareCrow said...

That post has an excellent video on it that is related to this topic.

Check it out - I found it to be very enlightening!

patr333x said...

Thanks ScareCrow. I will check out the link. I became interested in this topic after I encountered some women, mainly on Facebook who said they were "helping".

Masculist Man said...

Excellent post and blog and I'll be happy to post a link to it on my blog.

You're right we men must remain in leadership in the MRM and you are right to question women's motives.

patr333x said...

Thanks Masculist Man. Time is an issue but I will be getting more blog posts up soon.

The Phantom MRA said...

To put a twist on an old saying, beware of women bearing gifts.

Masculist Man said...

live in profanity
Now some bitch claims she's understanding me?
Give me a break
What world do you live in?
MRM is my set guess my religion

St. Estephe said...

You make an excellent point. The condescending advice offerers grew up in a severely dumbed-down environment of gossip, propaganda and pop psychology do not have the critical thinking abilities necessary to deal with thec matter. For examples of real life grown-up women who helped promote Men's Rights in the past, see:

“A Woman’s Voice”

patr333x said...

Thank you for the link St. Estephe; you have a comprehensive blog. Sorry for the delay in commenting, there will be more activity here in the near future.