Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weininger Quotes

These are some of my favorite quotes from Sex and Character, by Otto Weininger:

"A poseur almost always interprets the actions of another person as poses."

"When deception suits her (often unconscious) wishes, a woman will become totally uncritical and lose all control over reality."

"A woman is never solitary, she knows neither the love or fear of solitude."

"Because woman does not perceive the other human being as a separate being she never suffers from her neighbor, and for that reason alone she can always feel superior to all human beings."

"A woman always lays equal claim to all the men in the world."

"One needs only to step out into the street to find that there is scarcely a woman whose face does not promptly give her away."

"Women often wait for, and if possible choose, that man who is able to confer the greatest value upon them- the most magnificent and most famous man, the first among all."

"Woman does not want the pure, chaste, moral man, but-somebody else."

"Hysterical women never reflect on themselves, they only want others to think about them and be interested in them."

"Every mother of her own children is the step-mother of all other creatures."

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